List of Teas


1919 Lapsang Zhivago (China Black, Fuji) ~ This one is going to blow you away! When you smell the dry leaf it smells like a campfire; smokey and woody. Then you brew…it is amazing. One of the smoothest black teas I have ever tasted. Pasternak’s favorite!!


Apricot Fruit (China Black) ~ Apricot, marigold and fruit flavors, just like biting into an orchard fresh apricot that lingers and soothes the soul! Try this one with a bit of honey.

Assam (Indian Black) ~ Full bodied and brisk with true intense tea flavor.


Bai Mu Dan (White Peony) ~ This delightful light and crisp white tea is a cup to enjoy. Sit back, put your feet up and just say AHHHH! Be sure to keep the water temperature between 160⁰and165⁰for the perfect cup!

Bake Apple (Black Tea) ~ Natural flavors, like a roasted apple on an Indian Summer Day! A deep rich roasted flavor.

Blackberry (China black) ~ Blackberry leaf and fruit flavor. A delightful fruity cup of smooth black tea. As it brews it brings you to summer, while the taste of blackberry rests in the back.

Blood Orange (Sri Lanka Black) ~ Orange, blackberry, natural flavors, like a walk through a Sicilian orchard of the deep red citrus. Lavish and seductive.

Blooming Bliss (Green Tea) ~ Jasmine scent. This artisan green tea has been hand tied in a beautiful design just waiting to be placed in your glass cup or pot to open into a flower of delishesness!

Bohemian Raspberry (Japanese Green Sencha) ~ Raspberry, natural flavors. The bouquet of raspberries is delightful. The green tea blend is smooth and fruity. A wonderful afternoon break in your day.

Brazilian Guava (Black Tea) ~ Fruit pieces, natural flavors-The tropics in a cup! Smooth black leaf with floral and fruity notes-sip and watch the sunset!

British Earl (White/Pai Mu Tan) ~ Natural flavors. A bright Earl Grey tasting the bergamot and finishing with the full white body. Pull up your comfy chair and enjoy this cup!


Ceylon (Sri Lanka Black from Nuwara Eliya) ~ The classic Ceylon light with hints of floral notes. This is your afternoon tea!

Chamomile (Egyptian Chamomile flowers) ~ This tea is…well it is so many things. Two ways that we know work is to soothe an upset stomach or relax, brew like tea.

Cherry (Black Tea) ~ Cranberry, blackberry, natural flavors. A bit of sweetener to this cup brings you right into cherry picking season! A delightfully fruity cup.

China Black (Black Tea) ~ The true and bold taste of perfect black tea-try this with a scone and jam for a perfect start to your day!

Chocolate (Sri Lanka Black) ~ Natural flavors. When I first opened the tea, I thought I had just unwrapped a deep dark chocolate bar. Heaven in a cup or just a really great way to enjoy one of your vices!

Chocolate Orange (Black Tea) ~ Orange, chocolate, natural flavors. Taking a sip from this cup is like taking a bite from a chocolate and orange truffle. Truly sensational!

Citrus Sorbet Oolong Green (Green Oolong) ~ Citrus and natural flavors. I am walking through a citrus grove and sipping on my tea. Very bright crisp cup.

Cream Earl Grey (White/Pai Mu Tan) ~ Natural flavors. Dive into the Earl Grey head first! What a wonderful play on the citrusy bergamot. Creamy, fruity, a delight to the senses.

Crime of Passion (Green Tea) ~ Papaya, natural flavors. Sip this tea and transform to the sunny beach! This tea is great as an iced tea, also.

Crimson Berry Rooibos (South African Rooibos) ~ Currants, elderberries, cranberries, rosehips, hibiscus. This deep red flavorful cup is not only great tasting, but good for you filled with vitamins and minerals.

Crimson Oolong (China Oolong) ~ You can taste the reason this tea is cpmpetition grade. You will unveil the tastes of honey, burbon, orange blossom, and spice.


Darjeeling First Flush (Black Darjeeling) ~ A full cup letting you know just how wonderful a 1st flush really is!

Dark Chocolate (Black Tea) ~ Mallow, amaranth, natural flavors. The nice smoky taste of dark chocolate in a cup! Try this with berries for a delightfully soothing break!


Earl Grey Green (Gunpowder Green Tea) ~ Cornflower petals, natural flavors. A bright green cup with bergamot flavor. Here is your mild Earl Grey!

East Coast Breakfast Blend (Black Tea) ~ This bold blend of black teas from China, India and Sri Lanka makes you sit up and take notice! It will wake you up, keep you going, and be glad you had these leaves first thing in the morning!!


Formosa Oolong (Taiwan Black) ~ This smooth oolong is pushing toward the fruity side while staying on this side of dry! An enjoyable afternoon tea.


Ginseng Oolong (Green Oolong with Ginseng) ~ A delightfully smooth pick-me-up for your afternoon tea with notes of ginseng.

Goddess of Mercy Oolong (Oolong) ~ This hand rolled oolong has a light crisp taste with an undertone of orchid. A cup for a quiet afternoon.

Gold Coast Breakfast Blend (Black Tea) ~ A blend of black teas from Darjeeling and Sri Lanka. This golden colored tea is just the right start for cold morning and windy days!

Golden Apple Spice (Japanese Green Tea) ~ Apple, cinnamon, natural flavors-Delightfully fruity and fresh. What a great afternoon break from reality!

Grand Marnier (Ski Lanka Black) ~ Orange, sunflower, calendula, natural flavors. The flavors of cognac and orange simmer into an evening of bliss! This tea has received rave reviews. Try a cup for that perfect evening at home!

Grapefruit Black Tea (Black Tea) ~ Citrus, natural flavors. What a wonderful cup of tea! Crisp, refreshing, and citrusy; a pleasure with your morning meal.

Green (China Green Tea) ~ If you love green tea, this is your cup! Pure green tea, just add whatever makes you happy or nothin’ at all, it’s just a great cup!


Halo (White Tea) ~ Amaranth, jasmine, essence of blueberry and white peaches. This hand rolled artisan favorite is not only a delight to the senses, but a sight to behold. Be sure and let this blossom in a clear glass pit or cup to enjoy all of its beauty.

Hermes Orange Green Tea (China green) ~ Safflower, natural flavors. Sweet orange with tangerine and mandarin notes. Delightfully citrus, smooth, and crisp.


Ice Wine (Sri Lanka Black) ~ White tea, grapes. When the grapes freeze on the vine, the sugar concentrates in the sweet grapes to make the desert wine. This black tea has come as close as you can get to make a hot version of the cool, sweet wine.

Imperial Keemun Mao Feng (China Black from Keemun) ~ You just want to take a bite of this deep winey black tea. A rich full bodied drink.

Island Coconut (Black Tea) ~ Coconut, natural flavors. Take a sip, sit back and realize this the beach and palm trees, one of our tech guys favorites!

Izu Green Matcha (Kenyan Matcha) ~ A real full earthy green tea. A sweet smoothness and very high in antioxidants.


Jasmine Pearls (Green Tea) ~ Jasmine blossoms. This hand rolled green tea is a reminder of the breezes from the ocean surrounded by the Jasmine Trees. A fragrant cup to relax and enjoy!

Jasmine Rings (Green Tea) ~ Jasmine infusion. Not only is watching these handcrafted rings unfurl in your cup a delightful sensation, but then you get to taste this amazing bright flavor.

Juicy Peach (White Tea) ~ Pineapple, peach, chamomile, natural flavoring. Imagine a fruit orchard; now imagine the fullest tree brimming with peaches, you pick the fattest ripest fruit and take a bite…this is our cup of tea!


Keemun (China Black Tea) ~ This bold black tea is telling you what China Black is all about. A woodsy dark bold tea. This IS your afternoon boost that you were looking for!

Kenya Green Flamingo (Kenyan Matcha) ~ Pure green tea! This is a pure cup with slight honey notes and some floral undertones. This is real Tea!

Key Lime Coconut (Nilgiri Black) ~ Coconut, lime, natural flavors. The coconut and lime flavor in this remarkable black tea will bring you to the sunny respite of the ocean breeze.

Kiwi (Sri Lanka Black) ~ Pineapple, kiwi, natural flavors. Green or yellow, which ever kiwi is your favorite, this the cup for you! So if you’re a fan of the fuzzy fruit, this is your cup of tea!


Lady Londonderry (Black Tea) ~ Lemon balm, strawberries, natural flavors. This girl is Earl Grey AMPLIFIED. A hint of bergamot, but very fruity!

Lapsung Souchong (China Black Tea) ~ This one is really different. The first time I ever tried this tea, I opened the bag and was set back. Why would I drink this smoky tea? Because it’s one of the best teas I have ever enjoyed!! That’s why!! It is by far one of the smoothest teas I have ever enjoyed. You owe it to yourself to try this one, she’s a keeper!

Lichee Congou (China Black) ~ Lychee fruit infusion. A smooth afternoon delight! A smooth black tea with undertones of lychee fruit-what a great sip!

Lugano Pilamisu Rooibos (Sout African Rooibos) ~ (This product contains milk!) Mango cherry, yogurt, natural flavors. Thank the Swiss Italians for this delighful cup. It goes from coffee, to fruit to a bit of amaretto.


Malawi Green Banda (Kenya Matcha) ~ This fine green tea comes from the Shire Highlands at over 3000 feet above sea level. A mild fresh tea with light pear undertones.

Mandarin Orange Sencha (Japanese Green Tea) ~ Orange, natural flavors. A smooth Sencha green tea with real orange for the perfect afternoon cup.

Mango (Black Tea) ~ Mango, fruit flavors-Put your feet up, sip the tea, and watch the sunset. AHHH! Now to have the waves rush to your feet-imagine and sip!

Melon (Black Tea) ~ Fruit and lime leaves, natural flavors. A lingering multi-melon delight! When I go to the farmers market, my first pick in the summer is fresh melon, now, it’s this spectacular tea!

Monks Blend (White/Pai Mu Tan) ~ Natural flavors. This marvelous white tea has your vanilla, a bit of grenadine, and at the end, you may just taste something like sweet pecans. You don’t even have to be a monk to enjoy this cup!


Niagara Peach Green Tea (China green) ~ Jasmine petals, natural flavors. Peach notes with jasmine overtones. A cup of this tea will make you put up your feet and relax.

Night of the Iguana Chocolate Chai (Indian Black) ~ (This product contains milk!) Ginger, cinnamon, cloves, white chocolate. Sip this exquisite chai with milk and sweetener and be lifted to the romantic complexity of Tennessee Williams movie namesake. The name says it all!

Nilgiri (Indian Black Tea) ~This full bodied smooth and slightly flowery tea is a great start to a great day!

Nine Blend Black Dragon (China Black/Juan City) ~ The special secret processing of this amazing black tea makes it one of Chinas exceptional. Try this as an after dinner delight and enjoy the bright cup.


Oolong Orange Blossom (Black Tea/Green Tea/Oolong) ~ Jasmine and natural flavors. This unique oolong is very citrusy with floral notes. Sit up and take notice!

Oolong (Oolong) ~ It is my pleasure to bring you a delightful cup of tea. Not black,not green, but oolong. Just tea. Just wonderful!

Orange Spice Cinnamon (China Black) ~ Orange peel, cinnamon, natural flavors. The name says it all. Fall, baking. This tea just go hand in hand!

Orange Vanilla White Chocolate (Black Tea) ~ (This product contains milk!) Orange, white chocolate pieces. After dinner warm tea creamsicle. One would not put those together, but OH, What a thrill!


Pai Mu Tan (China White Tea from Fujian Province) ~A wonderful white reflecting the hand crafted care. Three times the antioxidants than green or black. A healthy and delightful cup.

Pan Fried Darjeeling (Indian Green Tea from Calcutta) ~ This is a full bodied green tea with depth and great flavor.

Passion Fruit (Black Tea) ~ Natural flavors. Truly smooth, fruity, delightfully passionate! Enjoy a cup hot or cold!

Peregrine Mountain 1st Flush (China Black, Yunnan Province) ~ Malt undertones add body to this luscious crisp black tea.

Persian Lime (Black Tea) ~ Lime peel. The king of Persia has nothing on you when you sip the cup and go back to those days of grandeur!

Plum Pear (Black Tea) ~ Fruit, lime leaves. This flavor originated over 1,000 years ago in China. Sip and enjoy the flavor bouquet this Ceylon tea captures with only natural flavors.

Pomegranate Madagascar (White Tea) ~ Natural flavors. Delectably balanced between the pomegranate and vanilla. This tea is complex and smooth and just a wonderful cup.

Positively Peach (Black Tea) ~ Peach pieces, natural flavors. Georgia on my mind! This peach with black tea is a delight for all senses!

Purple Oolong (Taiwan Oolong) ~ Smokey, mucky, spicey. This may be something you are interested in if you have been a coffee lover and now are turning to the leaf!


Raspberry Leaf (Raspberry Plant Leaf) ~ This has a similar taste to black tea without the caffeine.

Russian Earl Grey (Black Tea) ~ Orange, lemongrass. The Russians enjoyed their tea with fruit and spice. To follow tradition, we present this luscious tea, one you will want to savor all day!


Silver Moonlight Wild White (China White from Yunnan Province) ~ This has been naturally withered and dried. One of the finest white teas in the world. You must try this little cup of heaven.

Snow Dragon (China White) ~ Crisp clean and smooth. This white is a cool cup in the shape of a dragon tail. A taste to savor.

Steamed Darjeeling (India Green) ~ Delightfully green flavor with winey undertones. A very smooth cup with a crisp end.

Summer Ambrosia (China Black) ~ Safflower, natual flavors. This aromatic black tea is a fruit lovers delight. Hot or iced, this is “nectar of the Gods”.


Third Coast Breakfast Blend (Black Tea) ~ A bold black cup with all the right flavors; chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla. A delicious cup any time of day, but in the moring it is a perfect way to start your day. This tea is great hot or cold.

Tuscany Pear Rooibos (South African Rooibos) ~ Apple, natural flavors. This Rooibos with tuscany tart pear is a delight on any continent. Close your eyes, take a sip, and picture yourself under the Tuscan Sun.

Tutty Fruity Kids Tea (Herb and Fruit Tea/Caffeine Free) ~ Apples, oranges, and elderberries to name a few of the fruity ingredients in the flavorful caffeine free blend. Let’s get the kids started now in appreciating a good cup of tea. This one is great for the tea parties!


Vanilla Chai (Sri Lanka Black) ~ Ginger, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, natural flavors. What a wonderful warming tea for a cool night! The smooth black tea with touches of spice under the Madagascar vanilla is a real treat. Add some mild and sugar and you could call this a desert!


West Coast Breakfast Blend (Oolong/China Green) ~ A blend of Oolong and China green unfurls in your cup for a clean, refreshing, and crisp cup.

White Chocolate Mousse (Black Tea) ~ White chocolate, natural flavors. A smooth chocolate cup. Some milk and sugar will only help you appreciate this chocolatey cup!

White Coconut Crème (White Tea) ~ Coconut bits and essence. This, need I say, is a coconut lover’s dream come true. Smooth and luxurious, a bit of the tropics right there in your cup!

White Mischief (White/Pau Mu Tan) ~ Natural flavors. The fabulous white tea with pomegranate and guava is a delight to the taste buds! You may find yourself getting into mischief after this cup!

White Peach (White Tea) ~ Peach and apricot essence, natural flavors. When July comes around, my favorite fruit is the white peach. Pour yourself a cup of this fragrant white tea and imagine taking a bite of the juicy white peach that is only here for a short time in the summer.

White Pomegranate (Bai Mu Dan) ~ Rosehips, safflower, hibiscus and natural flavors. I like this tea in the morning, half way through my work morning I cup this delightful brew. This tea is full of vitamin C and essential acids. Be sure to keep your temperature between 160⁰and 165⁰!

White Swiss Truffle Rooibos (South African Rooibos) ~ Notes of Kenyan coffee, mango, cherry and yogurt. This one is for coffee lovers! The smooth taste and strong aroma make a bright cup with no caffeine.

Winter Blend (Black Tea) ~ Orange, cinnamon, almond apples. A roaring fire, a comfy afghan, and a great cup of this aromatic tea-the perfect evening!

Winter White Chai (White Tea) ~ Spices, natural flavors. This is my choice for chai! Smooth, creamy flavorful with anise, cinnamon, cloves, and other aromatic spice. Add some mild and you have a delightfully sweet aromatic cup of wonderful!


Yerba Mate ~ Considered one of the most nutritious stimulating baverages known for its high content of Vitamin C. This herb has about 1/4 of the caffeine as regular tea.